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Directory of all my fic in an easy-to-find format. No need to thank me.

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol;

in medias res
hunt/brandt ; mission: impossible - ghost protocol ; 719 words ; nc-17
"Patience has it's own reward," Ethan says, voice low against the shell of Brandt's ear.

post hoc ergo propter hoc
hunt/brandt ; mission: impossible - ghost protocol ; 2557 words ; mature
Five times Ethan kisses Brandt and one time he doesn't. Or: How Brandt becomes Ethan's good luck charm through no fault of his own.

these are the dreams we should be having
hunt/brandt ; mission: impossible - ghost protocol ; 2081 words ; mature
A series of mornings seen through the eyes of William Brandt.

Miscellaneous RPF;

bad beginnings (make happy endings)
taylor swift/pixie lott ; rpf ; 818 words ; pg
Okay, yeah, Pixie’s in the music business herself, and her album’s gone platinum, so it’s not like she’s lower than Taylor or anything, it’s just. You know. It’s Taylor Swift.

Percy Jackson and The Olympians;

you look at me (it's like you hit me with lightning)
luke/percy ; percy jackson fiction ; 2.703 words ; nc-17
He can’t decide whether to cry out or laugh, and even if he did, he’d never get the chance considering Luke has his lips firmly captured in a kiss

fall head first (like paper planes)
luke/percy ; percy jackson fiction ; 615 words ; pg-13
"It’s just jam, Percy"

Percy Jackson RPF;

won't tell anybody (how you turn my world around)
jake abel/percy jackson (established jake/logan, slight percy/luke) ; percy jackson rps/fiction ; 1.462 words ; nc-17
Jake stands, wipes a hand over his face, before sighing heavily. “how are you fucking real?”

something about you (has got me)
jake/logan ; percy jackson rps ; 1.702 words ; nc-17
"Jake, where did you get this book?"

Disney RPF;

And the melody rippled (like a hummingbird’s wings)
[joe/miley!friendship, nick/miley, slight joe/nick, pg, angst]
Joe doesn’t really get the big deal about her – skinny little thing with too-bright eyes and smile – but Nick told him they’d met at some charity thing and “Miley’s really cool, Joe, I think you’ll like her.”

Quietly, she opened herself up to the night
[joe/miley, slightly AU, pg, angst, mentions of car accidents and comas]
The world tilts, shatters and fades. Gently, she slips out of her universe.

Storm Hawks;

{'synchronicity' drabble series}

smile, this city's burning down
[dark ace/aerrow, teen, general]
It sure wasn't stopping anytime soon

they say perfection’s always right around the corner
[faint dark ace/aerrow, pg, general]
watches the jumbled cacophony of emotions

it's only real when you're not around
[dark ace/aerrow, pg, dark]
it made absolutely no sense

you're irresistible and i'm insatiable
[dark ace/aerrow, pg, fluff]
mind slowly clocking down

it's not enough to say that i miss you
[dark ace/aerrow, pg, fluff]
what on earth could he have seen in him at 4 years old?

gravity can't forget to pull me back to the ground again
[dark ace, aerrow, pg, angst]
the pain melding together into a low thrum

i've given you too much
[dark ace/aerrow, mature, general]
the shady alley a perfect place for one of their numerous trysts

you walk around like you own the world
[faint dark ace/aerrow, pg, dark]
shatter them against a wall like glass

i'm ready to begin, the waiting has to end
[dark ace/aerrow, pg, general]
prickly heat flooding his nerve endings


[finn/piper, pg, general]
piper isn't a girl. not really

[dark ace/aerrow, mature, general]
well, surely one of these days, in one of these battles, it was bound to happen

[master cyclonis/piper, pg, angst]
can't bear to pull away, can't bear to leave the clutches of this insane girl

[master cyclonis/piper, dark ace/aerrow, pg, angst]
it’s sad and ironic and, on some sick level, a little justifying

The World Ends With You;

five things that neku likes (and the ways in which joshua occasionally ruined them)
[joshua/neku, pg-13, general]
Neku kind of adores puppies. Not in the girly, oh so cute, look at it’s little face way. He just thinks they’re nice. Bouncy, positive, easy to understand, easy to please. Better than some people he could mention, at any rate

Tags: [book] percy jackson, [cartoon] storm hawks, [game] the world ends with you, [movie] percy jackson, [music] jonas brothers, [music] miley cyrus, [pairing] dark ace/aerrow, [pairing] finn/piper, [pairing] jake abel/percy jackson, [pairing] jake/logan, [pairing] joe/miley, [pairing] joe/nick, [pairing] joshua/neku, [pairing] luke/percy, [pairing] master cyclonis/piper, [pairing] nick/miley, [pairing] taylor swift/pixie lott, fanfiction, fic
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