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[fic] you look at me (it's like you hit me with lightning)

you look at me (it's like you hit me with lightning)
luke/percy ; percy jackson fiction ; 2.703 words ; nc-17
| He can’t decide whether to cry out or laugh, and even if he did, he’d never get the chance considering Luke has his lips firmly captured in a kiss |

warnings: dub-con, underage
a/n: set on the princess andromeda during the sea of monsters.

Percy can’t quite actually believe the situation he’s found himself in. He’s pressed up against a wall in the stateroom on the Princess Andromeda, with Luke’s hand cupping his jaw, thumb gently stroking along his cheekbone. He can’t decide whether to cry out or laugh, and even if he did, he’d never get the chance considering Luke has his lips firmly captured in a kiss. His first actually, but he’s trying not to think about that too much.

When Luke eventually pulls back, nipping gently at Percy’s lower lip, he presses the length of his body against him. The onslaught of heat sends a frisson of pleasure down Percy’s spine, and he struggles to move away, but Luke has him firmly by the waist. He smiles down at him winningly with a dangerous glint in his eyes that Percy is increasingly wary of the longer it’s directed at him.

Percy can feel his heart hammering against his ribs like a bird caught in a cage. He thinks about it, and realises he’s essentially in the same situation. The idea makes Percy feel a little sick, so he resolves that thinking probably isn’t his best bet right now.

“It’s good to see you again, Percy. How are you enjoying my fine ship? Settling in quite comfortably, I hope.”

Luke’s hand slips down a little lower, the tips of his fingers slipping beneath the lip of Percy’s pants. He jerks in response, hips bucking forward against Luke’s, and he can’t help but let out a small cry at the friction, hanging his head down in hot frustration.

“Mmm. That’s what I thought,” Luke murmurs, satisfied. Without missing a beat, he leans down to press his lips to Percy’s once more, but Percy turns his head away in defiance. He’s not just going to just surrender without a fight –– that’s not what Luke taught him, after all.

Thoughts running at what feels like a million miles a second, Percy tries to take in the situation at hand. The whole thing is so bizarre that Percy can hardly make heads or tails of it. The kiss was––unexpected to say the least, but hardly violent, and if he actually admits it, kind of okay.

In the corner of his eye, Percy catches a glimpse of uncontrolled anger flickering through Luke’s gaze, until it settles into a dark heat. An uneasy feeling floods into his mind, something along the lines of: get the fuck out while you still can.

He feels Luke’s fingers grab his jaw, jerking his head back to face him. His fingernails are digging in, and it hurts, but Percy can only seem to focus on Luke’s poisonous smile. Just the look in his eyes says it all, and Percy feels a sharp stab of fear in his stomach.

Reflexes kicking in, he tries to take a quick step to the left, but Luke is already catching his arm, like he’s prepared for every move Percy could make, expertly twisting it until Percy’s chest is flat against the wall. Luke steps up behind, arching over Percy’s body until he feels completely blocked in and defeated.

Luke catches his wrists in one hand and pins them above his head, his other sliding down to curve into Percy’s hip, his fingers scorching like a brand against Percy’s skin.

“Now, Perce, you’re not the one in control here. So, be a good little pawn, and just submit to me, and everything’ll be cool.” Luke’s tone is light, and entirely inappropriate, and Percy feels like he’s never been more confused in his life.

He’d always felt that Luke would be the type to kill him publicly and with relish, not alone in a dark room in the middle of the ocean. He’s about to voice his thought, but he feels Luke lean down, blonde hair tickling the skin of his neck.

He tries to hold it in, but Percy can’t help but let out a breathy laugh. He considers killing himself when he feels Luke’s amused smile against his skin.

Abruptly, Percy senses a shift in the atmosphere from the fake friendliness to something much more heated and raw. It’s a new feeling, and it makes Percy a little dizzy and breathless, heat pooling below.

Unexpectedly, Luke bites down into the skin of his neck, and Percy cries out, straining against Luke’s hold. He laves at the mark with his tongue, soothing the reddened skin, until Percy shivers against him.

Luke pauses against Percy’s neck, whispering against his skin just loud enough to be audible, “Do you know how strong your aura is, Percy?”

“My aura?” Percy replies, panting slightly, surprised at the sudden turn in conversation. He sends a puzzled glance over his shoulder.

“Considering you’re a son of one of the Big Three,” Luke pauses for a moment, and Percy can almost feel the hatred radiating from him at mentioning the Gods, “you can sense it miles away, and so when you’re only metres from someone it’s intoxicating. It’s nearly …suffocating.”

Luke fingers unexpectedly clench around his hip, digging in, and Percy hisses in pain, knowing there’ll be bruises later. Luke seems to realise his slip in control and begins to rub soft circles into the skin there.

“Not only is it strong, it’s pure. Sickeningly so. And, Perce, how can I leave something so important to the Gods so entirely untainted?” Luke smirks, and Percy’s eyes widen as he realises what Luke plans on doing with him.

This isn’t just some bizarre scare tactic thought up to unnerve him; Luke is going to have sex with him, as a form of revenge against the Gods.

The thoughts in his head are whirling, and it’s ridiculous, but Percy realises he’s half-hard. When he and Luke had been at camp, Percy had bonded with him, idolised him enough to develop a shallow crush that fuelled his fantasies whenever he guiltily jerked off in bed or the showers.

But this was––this was real, and he wasn’t sure if he wanted that, or was even ready for it.

Before he can sort out his thoughts, Luke’s arm curls around his waist and tugs him over to the bed in the corner of the room. Percy had barely even glanced at it when he’d first been dragged in here, but now he can’t look away, the innocuous bed like a flashing beacon symbolising, oh gods, the loss of his virginity.

The breath is knocked out of him when Luke unceremoniously chucks him onto the sheets. Panting, he feels as strong as a kitten; barely able to fight back when Luke unbuttons his pants and tugs them off in one quick movement. Luke crawls above him, lifting Percy’s shirt in the process, and rips it over his head, tossing it to the side.

Percy feels absolutely mortified. He’s practically naked beneath his supposed archenemy; pre-come leaking through the material of his boxers, where he’s now pound-nails hard and wanting.

Luke pins his wrists against the sheets before Percy can even think to cover himself, murmuring, “Don’t.”

Percy can’t help but flush under Luke’s intense gaze, and he shuts his eyes tight to find some semblance of normalcy, even ground for him to work with.

“I hate you,” Percy hisses, with such calm ferocity that he almost believes himself.

“Then why are you letting me do this?” Luke questions, hand slipping between Percy’s naked thighs to trace light patterns against the soft skin.

Percy’s head falls back and he lets out a quiet, broken sound. It seems to be enough encouragement for Luke, who lowers himself down along the length of Percy’s body, bracing himself above the sheets by his elbows. The heat makes Percy arch into him, and the delicious friction of Luke’s pants against the flimsy material of his boxers is almost mind-blowing.

Percy lets out soft little pants, watching as Luke stays relatively still, as if he’s contemplating his next move. Abruptly, Luke pulls himself up, looming over Percy, who shivers from both the absence of warmth and Luke’s heated look.

He brings Percy’s wrists above his head, taking hold of both easily in one hand. Percy tries to fight against the hold but it’s no use; Luke is bigger, stronger, and just a little too cunning to beat on pure strength alone.

Percy tries bucking his hips, but realises immediately that it’s not really the best tactic at all, considering how hard he is right now, and how any friction leaves him totally wrecked.

Luke leans down, his hair brushing against Percy’s cheek as he whispers hotly against his ear, “Spread your legs.”

Percy finds a new strength within and is surprised to hear himself say, “Fuck you, Luke.”

Luke smirks with a bittersweet edge and responds lightly, “Oh, Perce. Now we’re just going to have to do it the hard way.”


He’s bent over in the most vulnerable position of his life; completely naked on all fours, face pressed into the sheets with Luke’s fingers slowly working him open.

Percy can only assume that Luke’s drawing this out for all it’s worth, because he’s been at it for fifteen minutes, and he’d only just added a second finger. He’s making these excruciatingly gentle scissoring motions that Percy’s finding it difficult not to just thrust back against. He’d never give him the satisfaction.

“Why would you––ah!”

Percy’s question is cut off when Luke wraps a hand around his cock, using his thumb to gently spread the pre-come collecting at the tip around the head. Percy jerks at the sensation, involuntarily pressing against Luke’s fingers.

He crooks the two digits, nudging something sensitive and Percy arches his back, practically falling apart from the sudden hot white electricity flooding his nerves.

Luke peppers feather-light kisses down Percy’s spine, using the hand now slick with pre-come to force Percy’s legs apart wider. With the added leverage Luke slips in another finger. It burns, but not enough to smother the pleasure threatening to overtake him at any moment.

“W––why me, Luke?” Percy gasps out.

Luke laughs, low and throaty. The sound is the most arousing thing Percy’s ever heard. Luke doesn’t respond right away, leisurely sliding his fingers from Percy’s hole until only the tips remain, and then roughly thrusting them inside again, pulling a low moan from Percy.

“Because you’re the darling of the gods, aren’t you? The favourite; the pure, perfect little hero.”

Luke pulls his fingers from him, and Percy whines at the loss, hands clenching in the sheets. There’s a quiet silence, and for a moment, Percy is unsure of Luke’s next move.

“But not anymore.” Luke says, darkly.

Luke takes hold of Percy’s shoulder, and turns him over onto his back, the sheets twisting messily beneath them.

Luke thrusts into him violently, and Percy has to bite down on his hand to stifle a sob. Luke looms over him, mouth falling open in a soundless moan. Even the tiniest thrust from his hips sends a tremor of hot pleasure through Percy. Gods, he feels so fucking full, and this is so wrong, and he shouldn’t be doing this, not with him, but he’s just too far gone at this point to really care.

Luke stills his movements and glances down at him with an unreadable expression. Percy blinks up at him in confusion and tries to jerk his hips a little, but Luke presses them down firmly against the mattress. Percy lets out a petulant whine.

“Why aren’t––why won’t you move?” he murmurs breathlessly, gripping the sheets beneath him with his fingers.

Luke trails his fingers along Percy’s ribcage, and he shudders at the touch, arching upward like a bow.

“Fuck, look at you,” Luke hums, with a note of amazement.

He begins to thrust shallowly, and Percy’s inability to rock back against Luke’s cock almost makes him want to burst into tears.

Luke leans over and licks a long stripe up Percy’s cock, before sliding in to the hilt. Percy moans loudly, and presses his face into the pillows, chest heaving.

Starting up a steady rhythm of thrusts, Luke whispers hotly into his ear, “It’s exhilarating knowing I’m the first to see you like this, Percy. I don’t think you can even imagine.” He presses his lips against Percy’s, and it’s rough and possessive but Percy wouldn’t want it any other way.

He feels Luke take hold of his cock, and Luke begins relentlessly jerking Percy off, perfectly in time to the deep, wet thrusts of his own. Luke nips and bites at his jaw, leaving angry red marks, and Percy doesn’t think he’ll last much longer at this rate.

Luke tilts his hips and hits the bundle of nerves dead-on and suddenly Percy’s world is comprised of only a white-hot pleasure as he comes. Black spots dance in his vision, and he releases a long, low moan. Luke continues to thrust into Percy, but soon follows, making a hot wounded sound as he comes.

The room is filled with sex and sweat and heat, and the combination of it all arouses Percy ridiculously. His body protests but soon he’s hard again, shivering from the combination of pleasure and pain.

“That fast? Oh, the perks of being a teenager,” says Luke, grinning wickedly.

Luke slides out and Percy whimpers loudly. He flushes in embarrassment as Luke chuckles, trailing a line of wet kisses down to his newly hard cock. Percy’s panting from exhaustion, and he shakily lays a hand on Luke’s shoulder, eyeing him questioningly.

Luke glances at him, blue eyes dark, and leans up to kiss him, slowly licking into Percy’s mouth, and biting down on his lower lip with a sudden rush of possession.

Luke crawls between Percy legs, and licks at his hole, using his fingers to push his come back inside.

“You’re so wet and loose here,” Luke says, easily sliding his fingers in to the last knuckle.

Luke gently rubs against the bundle of nerves and Percy trembles from the painful over-sensitivity, whimpering low in the back of his throat.

Luke strokes his cock a few times, until pre-come starts to pool on Percy’s stomach. Luke licks hard against his cock, tonguing at the head. Percy can only lay there, open and vulnerable, letting Luke do to him whatever he pleased; he’s never felt so powerless.

Luke slides a third finger into him, and then takes Percy’s cock into his mouth, sucking hard and hot. Percy thinks it might even be better than having sex, but his brain’s too muddled with pleasure to really compare.

Luke suddenly presses down hard on the bundle of nerves and Percy comes for the second time, come lacing up his stomach in ribbons. Percy isn’t too surprised when he blacks out this time around.


When he comes to a few minutes later, Percy expects a sword at his throat and maybe some malicious words before Luke kills him. He gets neither.

What he does get is Luke helping him to sit up on the sheets, pouring a cool liquid into his mouth. Luke kisses him swiftly, and Percy is forced to swallow it down, only moments later starting to panic at what the liquid might’ve contained.

“Oh, Perce, you’ll be fine. You just won’t remember anything.” Luke grins, satisfied before continuing, “and really, that’s the best part for me; the fact that I’ve had you moaning beneath me, and you won’t even know it. You might sense something when I’m around, but never enough to remember. Definitely not enough to know that your archenemy fucked you senseless.”

Percy doesn’t even get the chance to respond before Luke’s tangling his fingers in his hair, tilting Percy’s head back to kiss him hot and thorough.

Luke presses him back down into the sheets, and Percy dazedly thinks that he might be sort of okay with the whole thing if Luke keeps doing that amazing thing with his tongue.


Percy wakes up the next morning in the cabin with Tyson, feeling bone-tired and sore, and like he possibly had the best wet dream ever, except that he can’t remember any of it. He shrugs it off. It was probably nothing.

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